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Wedding invitation: Request for money gift

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Wedding couples who have lived together for a long time, usually have your household complete. New furnishings and kitchen appliances would no longer be very welcome. When creating the wedding invitation, the bride and groom could point out this fact and ask for a gift of money. Here you will find texts and poems for a gift of money on a wedding invitation.

Request for a gift of money

So that the gift does not become a torment,
money is the very best choice!

A contribution to the honeymoon in the envelope -.
that would be nice, we thank you very much.

Most of all we would be happy about a financial
contribution for the start of married life.

Are you thinking about gifts?
The travel fund is still idle...

Whoever would like to give us something is welcome to do so.
We would be most pleased with a contribution to the ...(new car).

Giving is a nice custom,
but we have a request,
If you would sweeten our day..,
we would welcome thalers.

Tips for gift seekers:
Bad: bedding, coffee makers, dishes and vases (we have way too much).
Good: coal, dough, ashes, mice, bundled cash (we have way too little)

We have not only table and bed,
our household is also complete.
That's why you don't have to frown,
but let our piggy bank smile!

Many a guest will probably think to themselves,
what should we give to the bride and groom?
We would like to give them a little something in cash,
along with good wishes, a little something in cash.

Whoever thinks he has to give something
do not need to think about "how and what".
Instead of a gift, take a small letter
and put a thaler in it.

Bring your own good mood,
then the party will be a huge hit.
Should you think about the question:
"What should we give them?"
You know what, don't make it difficult for yourself,
put a few euros in the envelope.

One does not invite to the wedding feast,
so that one can be given a present.
If you want it anyway, because it is the custom,
then we have one request,
don't worry about it,
We have bowls, glasses, pots...
For this good old custom,
a little pig will do.

Our household goods are complete,
from brooms to feather beds.
Perhaps you understand our request,
in some places it is already the custom:
If you want to make us happy,
then let our piggy bank laugh!

Our household is complete;
Knives, forks, plates, cups,
barely fit in the cupboards.
Only in the piggy bank is still space,
that would be a gift substitute.

We have to tell you something quickly:
You are not invited for the sake of giving gifts.
Come with a good mood and a lot of time,
then you will make us the greatest joy.
If you still want to give us something,
you can think of our piggy bank!

The trousseau is already complete,
from towels to coffee sets.
"What else can you give them?",
that's probably what most people think.
Now we want to honeymoon, for the sake of love,
so give us money, good luck and blessings.

All those who wish to make a gift,
we ask you to consider
that our budget is complete.
Therefore it would be quite nice
if you follow our wishes
for a lot of bills or coins.
For we still have many wishes,
but there's a hole in our piggy bank.

Dear guests, let me tell you,
you do not need to carry packages,
nor do you need to walk
to buy gifts.
Because our household is full,
so it would be really great
an envelope with something in it,
makes us happy and makes sense.

A whole time has already flown by,
since you and I moved in together.
So we have almost everything together
Plates, pots and pictures for the wall.
So dear guests, remember
if you want to give us something nice,
An envelope with a little something in it,
makes us much joy and also has sense
Please do not be angry if we say so,
You don't have to pay much for it.

We invite - you will think,
what can you give to the bride and groom?
The household goods are already quite complete,
the apartment is also very nice.
To the young couple an allowance,
to honeymoon around the world.

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