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Graduation congratulations

Graduation congratulations

Many students long for the end of their school years - and celebrate their graduation accordingly. An important period of life is coming to an end and it's off to new shores: apprenticeship, university, professional life - an exciting time of change lies ahead! Parents and other family members, teachers and friends look at the graduates with pride, excitement and perhaps a little concern. Above all, the Abitur is considered particularly important and difficult to achieve, and thus a special distinction. Therefore, congratulations and greetings are often conveyed and congratulations are offered for what has been achieved.

Appealing greeting cards for graduation congratulations

To congratulate on the successful graduation, people like to send a nice greeting card. Often the motifs come from the school area, for example chalkboards and books, from which the graduate can now finally say goodbye. The famous black student caps are also a popular motif. Cute children's photos from the first day of school and colorful bouquets of flowers are also a good choice. In general, cheerful, exuberant and youthful motifs are suitable for congratulations.

Personalization of congratulations and greetings

There is a lot to say at graduation: how proud you are, what you wish the graduate for the future, how important the coming years are, how liberating the end of school can be, taking into account the individual situation of the school leaver if possible. Advice for the rest of life is also appropriate - as long as it is not preachy. The basic tone of the congratulations can be cheerful and dynamic, but also encouraging and appreciative. Personal greetings are best written by hand even in the age of e-mail and SMS.

Graduation congratulations

Are you still learning, or are you already living? Congratulations on your graduation!

Let me pat you on the back, you did a great job! All the best for your graduation!

In no time at all, school is over! That was kind of quick after all. Who knows what will come next? No matter what decisions you make, we wish you all the best!

No more school - thank God! Ok, there might still be vocational school to come, but that's something gaaaaaaaanother! Congratulations on your graduation!

We congratulate you most sincerely on your graduation! Whatever path you take, you have our full support.

A first big wish has come true: Your school days are over! May the other dreams, goals and wishes of your life also gradually come true!

Nowadays it's not easy to get a good job, stay open and persistent, stay awake and curious, stay confident, stay yourself: Then it will work out! All the best wishes for graduation!

It wasn't always easy, but now it's done: School days are over! Don't look back on what could have been better, but look forward, make the best of every situation and always stay open to new opportunities! We wish you all the best for your graduation!

Not everyone finds their dream job these days. But as long as you're happy inside, keep your sense of humor and optimism, boring jobs and mean bosses will be much less likely to hurt you! That's why I wish you a lot of laughter and a confident smile on your graduation day!

Finally over! Finally, you can say goodbye to annoying teachers, high-fiber books, and stuffy classrooms! May all doors to a great job and a fulfilling professional life be open to you. All the best and congratulations on your graduation!

The annoying school days are over, finally the independent adult life begins! Of course, there will be more obligations for you. But with all your knowledge and skills, you'll easily get by! If you ever need anything, we are always here for you. Congratulations on your outstanding graduation!

No more cramming! At least with the school cramming. You will continue to learn and grow in your education and later in your professional life, but if you do what you really enjoy, learning will suddenly become fun! All the best for your graduation and a prosperous future to you ...

You have put the first important phase behind you and completed your schooling, congratulations! Who knows what comes next? Don't worry if you can't say exactly what your dream job will be! There are so many possibilities that it's normal to lose track at first. Try out different things, strengthen your talents and above all believe in yourself and what you can do - then all doors will be open to you! All the best, your parents ...

Congratulations on passing the Abitur

With the Abitur you hold a certificate in your hands that is important for your whole life and that you can always be proud of! Congratulations on your Abitur!

An important milestone has been reached! May all your dreams and wishes for the future come true. May the right doors always be open to you. We congratulate you on your graduation and wish you good luck and success for life after school!

You're still so young and you've already spent more than half of your life in school... - it's time for that to change! Out of school, into life, we wish you all the best!

After 13 years of cramming, you truly deserve an award! And some time off: Use the time between your Abitur and your studies/career/training to relax, travel and just do what you enjoy! Congratulations on passing the Abitur from ...

The moment I held the results of your exams in my hand was one of the happiest of my life, soooooo liberating! I am mighty proud of you and wish you all the best for the time after the Abi!

After four years of elementary school and eight/nine years of high school, you can finally say "goodbye" to the school building, the teachers, the books.... - enjoy the new freedom and be proud of what you have achieved! Congratulations on your Abitur!

I found it very difficult to find an answer to the question: "What should I do after graduating from high school?" In the end, it's quite simple: Do what you love and what you enjoy! If you really like and do something well, you will somehow find your way, against all norms and prophecies of doom. Believe in yourself, keep at it and always stay true to yourself. All the best for your graduation!

On successfully completing your Abitur, I wish you an open mind, open eyes, instinct and courage: Only those who go through life with an open mind and open eyes can see all the possibilities and opportunities that present themselves. Only those who have a strong instinct can make difficult decisions. Only those who have courage seize good opportunities quickly and with confidence. Congratulations on graduating from high school!

But now you've really been in school long enough! It's time for a change of scenery: Get out of school, into professional and family life! Let it go well for you, use the chances that are offered to you, and believe in yourself, then everything you wish for will work out! Best wishes for your graduation!

For 12 years you have been studying, reading books, keeping up with schedules, listening to teachers, writing papers, and taking oral exams - so it is really something special to finally finish all of that! We wish you all the best for the future and congratulations on passing the Abitur!

School and education sayings

These sayings can serve as an introduction to your congratulations.

Always have more dreams than reality can destroy.

You have to learn what there is to learn and then go your own way.

Wisdom is not the result of schooling, but of a lifelong attempt to acquire it.

Education is an untearable possession.

Man is what he should be as man only through education.

Learning is like rowing against the current: as soon as you stop, you drift back.

It may be that we become more learned through the knowledge of others. We become wiser only through ourselves.

Curiosity always comes first in a problem that wants to be solved.

Everything we encounter leaves traces. Everything contributes imperceptibly to our education.

To start is strength, to be able to finish is power.

Education is not knowledge, but interest in knowledge.

If you are not willing to spend a lifetime learning, you have not learned the most important thing.

Education is the ability to distinguish the essential from the non-essential.

Work and learn, and you can't stop yourself from becoming anything at all.

The uneducated sees everywhere only single things, the half-educated the rule, the educated the exception.

Education does not come from reading, but from thinking about what you read.

Knowing what you know and knowing what you don't know is true knowledge.

Education is something that must be acquired entirely without impairment through schooling

Man needs lifelong goals to keep body and soul in tense harmony.

Through education, man embellishes his own self.
He is not ashamed to learn and to ask.
Questioning and researching are the roots of knowledge,
Thinking and pondering the way.

Exams are so awful because the biggest jerk can ask more questions than the smartest person can answer.