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Christmas poems for Christmas wishes

Poinsettias on white background

Provide your Christmas card but once with an atmospheric poem. Many famous poets and thinkers have written especially for Christmas sometimes contemplative-solemn, sometimes cheerful-cheerful poems that are perfect for Christmas mail. Of course, specially written Christmas wishes, put on paper in rhyming form, are a very special pleasure. If you lack creativity, we will provide you with appealing ideas for your Christmas poem!

Short Christmas poems

Often you can not write a long poem in a Christmas card due to lack of space. Often, the Christmas poem should only be a small appendix to the actual Christmas wish and often like a short and meaningful Christmas poems better than long and rambling Christmas verses. The short poems are ideal for gift tags, as a short greeting in an SMS or eMail or as an introduction for the Christmas card.

Peace on earth would remain,
if the reflection of Christmas would not go.

Christmas is a very beautiful time,
it should bring you joy, happiness and contentment.

With the scent of fir and candlelight
may everything be merry and peaceful.

My Christmas greetings fly through the winter night,
are brought by angels for you!

Now shine bright Christmas candles
and conjure up happiness and joy in all hearts.

We want to wish you for the Holy Feast
the most beautiful of the beautiful, the best of the good!

In the sky the stars shine so bright and so clear,
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Christmas candles are shining again
and conjure joy in all hearts.

Quatrain as Christmas poem

This poem form is found very often in Christmas poems and even in long poems the individual stanzas usually consist of quatrains. These medium-length lyrical works deal with Christmas in general, with the baby Jesus and the birth in the stable of Bethlehem, as well as with the Christmas tree and Christmas Eve.

Candlelight and Christmas lantern
brightly light up the Christmas.
Bells ring near and far,
Peace shall be on earth.

Spruces, tinsel, baubles and lights,
smell of baked apples and happy faces,
Joy of giving - the heart becomes so wide.
I wish everyone: A merry Christmas time!

Let your heart be filled
of the Christmas bright light shine.
May you also enjoy health and peace
for this great feast.

Time for love and feeling,
Today it's just staying cool outside.
Candlelight and the smell of cookies -
Christmas is in the air.

I wish you this year,
an Advent season as it was in the past.
No rushing to the Bescherung,
no gift giving without heart and meaning.

O Christmas! Christmas! Highest celebration!
We cannot grasp her delight.
She wraps in her holy veils
The most blessed mystery thick.

The tree shines brightly with its lights,
Joy looks from the faces.
I take your warm hand,
I'll take you to my Christmas land.

He, the Lord of Glory,
clothed in lowliness,
He will be our Savior,
and free us from sin.

Beautiful songs and many a warm word,
deep longing and a quiet place.
Thoughts that sound full of love,
Christmas I'd like to spend only with you!

Soon it will be Christmas, how I look forward to it,
Our mother's tree is shining brightly
The apples are shining, the stars are twinkling,
How we all love the Christmas feast.

And again now lets out of the dark
Christmas twinkles its stars!
The angels in heaven can be heard kissing
and the whole world smells of peppernuts.

Holy night, with a thousand candles
you solemnly ascend,
o, so go in our hearts,
Star of life, rise for us!

Wishes happy holidays,
that is clear and without question.
With the scent of fir and candlelight,
may everything be beautiful and merry.

I wish you for the Christmas days
contemplation and well-being
and may the New Year
be as successful as the old one was!

Long Christmas poems

Long Christmas poems are often used in Christmas letters, but they are also recited at Christmas or Advent celebrations. If you love poetry, take a few minutes - especially during the hectic Christmas season - and enjoy a Christmas poem full of poetry. We would be pleased if you find a suitable poem for your purposes with us and wish everyone a peaceful Christmas.

Just imagine: I saw the Christ Child!
He was very delicate, from his head to his toes.
He asked me what I wanted for Christmas,
Surely I wanted only the very best.
But I waved thanks and renounced his gift,
since I have already the most beautiful and most valuable in the life by you!

Radiant like a beautiful dream,
the Christmas tree stands before us.
Look how golden light
on the delicate baubles.
"Merry Christmas" sounds softly
And a star goes on its journey.
Shines brightly from the firmament
down on the whole world.

The houses and windows are decorated,
in the snowfall you walk all stooped,
but despite the cold season,
our hearts are warm and ready
to meet the Christmas miracle,
to bless the world and ourselves.

Outside it's wet and cold, it's snowing
that should not sadden us,
It's still the Christmas season
which we all love.
I send you greetings from the bottom of my heart
and think of you, in the light of the candles.

Christmas magic, Christmas scent is now in the air again!
Finally come to rest
and bask in the company of loved ones.
Making yourself comfortable at home,
also belongs to these beautiful Christmas things.
Enjoy this warm and homey flair
and dream that it would be so peaceful all over the world!

I wish you from my heart
many days without pain,
the sky with lots of starlights,
and smiles on your faces.
I wish you only joy, no sorrow
and always the feeling of security.
So it should be for this feast
and also for the coming year - only the best.

What Christmas is, we have almost forgotten
Christmas is more than a festive meal.
Christmas is more than noise and buying,
running through neon-lit streets.
Christmas is: having time for the children,
and giving small gifts to strangers.
Christmas is more than giving presents.
Christmas is thinking with the heart.
And old songs by candlelight -
that's how Christmas should be!

The wind in the winter forest
the herd of flakes like a shepherd,
and many a fir tree suspects how soon
it will become pious and holy of light.
And listens out. On the white paths
it stretches out its branches - ready,
and resists the wind and grows towards
the one night of glory.

Cinnamon scent in the air and candlelight,
we all want to be peaceful
on his birthday,
Let us show the best of ourselves.
For today the Son of God was born
In a manger, all poor and without a throne.
But he was and still is
one of the most important people.
So on Christmas Eve we bow our heads
we bow our heads and say Amen.

Dear Good Santa Claus.

Dear Good Santa,
put on your long boots,
comb your white beard,
get ready for the Christmas drive.

Come to our house, too,
Open your presents.
Oh, you wanted to hear the little saying first?
Yes, I can do it, listen:

Dear Santa Claus,
don't look at me so crossly.
Put your rod in your pocket,
I want to be good too!

Advent verses

Autumn has not yet completely fled,
But as Knecht Ruprecht already
Comes the winter hergeschritten,
And soon from the snow'es midst
Sounds of the sleigh bell.

And what recently still, far and near,
Colorfully looked down on us,
White are towers, roofs, branches,
And the year is drawing to a close,
And the most beautiful feast is here.

Day thou of the Lord's birth,
Today you are still far away,
But fir trees, angels, flags
Let us already foresee the day,
And we already see the star.

Old fireplace piece

Outside white flakes are drifting
Through the night, the storm is loud;
Here in the parlor it is dry,
Warm and lonely, quietly familiar.

I sit in the armchair, pondering,
By the crackling fireplace,
Boiling the kettle hums
Long faded melodies.

And a kitten sits next to it,
Warming her paws on the embers;
And the flames float, weave,
Wondrous is my courage.

Twilight comes up
Some long forgotten time,
As if with colorful masks
And faded glory.

Beautiful women, with wise countenances,
Waving sweetly in secret,
And between them harlequins
Leaping, laughing, merry-go-round.

Far away marble gods greet,
Dreamlike beside them stand
Fairy tale flowers, whose leaves
Waving in the moonlight.

Wobbly comes floating along
Many an old magic castle;
Riding in come
Bare knights, squires.

And all this passes by,
Shadowy hurriedly -
Ah! there the cauldron boils over,
And the wet kitten howls.

The first fir tree in your own home.

You were always sacred to me
Since early childhood dream
In the golden glow,
You light-filled fir tree!

As I huddled in the night,
Even in deepest anguish wrestled,
Thou didst send, still warming,
Into my breast the ray!

But today for the most beautiful feast,
Today shine as never before!
Stretch out blessing thy branches
Over me us them!

Flame with candlelight! -
Oh how beautiful you appear,
Now two young hearts
For the first time unite!

Christmas tree

Are you resplendent, beautiful Christmas tree,
My childhood's golden dream?
Are you shining, sweet light of heaven,
That breaks through the heathen world?
Are you, longing of all the pious,
Have you come down to the world today?

Yes, a little child came,
That we should be blessed:
For from this little child
Shone bright God's light,
Angels sounded songs of joy
On the dark earth down.

Glorious went the morning star
Of all light from the Lord.
Over all worlds wide
Today it rejoices and sounds and sings
Brightly from millions of souls,
What the angels tell each other.

Look at my heart, look piously and quietly
What the tree wants to tell you:
That sweet Jesus Christ
Has come to us today,
That, whom all angels serve,
As your brother has appeared.

Pray, look piously and silently,
What the tree wants to tell you:
Bright as this day's glow,
High and bright and clear and pure
Shall the Christian's joyful life
From earth to heaven float.

Christ Child in the Forest

Christ child came to the winter forest,
the snow was white, the snow was cold.
But when the holy child appeared,
it began to blossom in the winter forest.

Christ Child came to the apple tree,
awakened him from the winter dream.
"Give me apples sweet, give me apples tender,
Give me apples of all kinds!"

The apple tree, it shakes,
The apple tree, it shakes.
Then it rains apples all around;
Christkindlein's pockets became heavy.

He took all the sweet fruits,
And so to the people it came.
Now, sweet little mouths, come, eat,
what Christkindlein has given you!

The Miracle of the Holy Night.

Christmas is the great miracle
of the forgiving grace of God;
to the lost people HE offers eternal life.

This is the miracle of the Holy Christmas,
that a helpless child becomes the helper of us all.

This is the miracle of the Holy Night,
that in the darkness of the earth the bright sun shines,

That is the miracle of the Holy Night,
that sad people can become quite happy.

This is the miracle of the Holy Night:
The Child takes our life in his hands,
never to let it go again.

The Magi

The holy three kings stand in front of the house,
Mary looks out of the window.

"You holy three kings, come on in,
There will be a place for you."

They stooped down and went into the little stable
and fell on their knees.

"We are three kings, come from far away,
but you, O Christ Child, are much more.

You have no crown, you have no adornment,
but have a royal heart within you.

That casts the brightest light
and will be the crown of mankind.

The kings left. Mary pondered
and looked at her child from tears.

Knecht Ruprecht

From outside, from the forest I come;
I must tell you, it's Christmastime!
Everywhere on the fir tops
I saw golden lights flashing,
and above from the gate of heaven
the Christ Child looked out with big eyes.

And as I stalked through the dark pine,
it called to me with a bright voice:
"Knecht Ruprecht," he called, "old fellow,
Lift your legs and hurry up!
The candles are beginning to burn,
the gates of heaven are opened,
old and young shall now
from the hunt of the life once rest,
and tomorrow I'll fly down to earth;
for it shall be Christmas again!"
I said: "O dear Lord Christ,
my journey is almost over;
I am only to go to this city,
where there are many good children."

"Do you have the sack with you?"
I said, "The sack, it is here;
For apples, nuts and almond kernels
are gladly eaten by pious children."

"Do you have the rod with you?"
I said: "The rod is here;
But only for the children, the bad ones,
it hits them on the part of the right!"

Christkindlein said: "That's right;
So go with God, my faithful servant!"
From outside, from the forest I come;
I must tell you, it is very Christmassy!
Now speak, how I find it here within!
Are they good children, are they bad children?

Christmas wishes and sayings

A Christmas card always contains a Christmas greeting or Christmas wish. We have compiled for you texts for the family but also for business. All wishes you may of course use free of charge and send to your loved ones or business partners. Furthermore, you will also find contemplative or funny Christmas sayings, which can also be used for the Christmas card but also for a speech. If you want to send your Christmas wish by cell phone, you can get ideas on the SMS Christmas wishes page.