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Congratulations, baptism sayings and poems

Child baptized with water by priest

On this page you will find texts and templates for a greeting card for baptism, sayings and poems for very personal Congratulations as well as baptismal sayings, which can also be inserted into a congratulatory letter.
. The baptismal sayings can of course also be used as a saying for the baptism ceremony. A baptismal motto should be a motto for the future life of the person being baptized. In the Protestant church, the saying must come from the Bible, in a Catholic baptism you can also fall back on other sayings. However, each verse should touch your heart and describe the great love for the child.
In addition to the congratulations for baptism, parents can find texts for baptism invitations and for thank you cards after the baptism.

Gift ideas for baptism

The invited guests usually give money at a baptism, but this could be upgraded with a personal gift and a greeting card. The baptized can be given useful things, such as a crawling blanket, a piggy bank, cutlery for the child or a baptismal album. But you can also give joy with toys, here are suitable stuffed animal, rattle, music box, mobile or a gripping ball or gripping trainer. Make sure, however, that the things are free of harmful pollutants.

. The godfather often gives a necklace with a religious pendant, such as a guardian angel, a cross or a ring. The godchild is to be protected thereby on its life way. However, a baptismal cross or a guardian angel made of various materials (metal, wood or glass) can also be given as a gift. A personal engraving makes this a unique memory.